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London Film Festival Preview: Celeste And Jesse Forever
Val Phoenix , October 18th, 2012 05:38

Val Phoenix watches Lee Toland Krieger's witty Rashida Jones vehicle, screening at the 56th London Film Festival ahead of its December 7 release

Although somewhat smug in tone, this LA-set relationship comedy has several laugh-out-loud moments and provides a showcase for multi-threat co-writer and star Rashida Jones as Celeste, a thirtysomething who has to decide if she can really let go of her marriage to rumpled artist Jesse (Andy Samberg) and move on.

Featuring an array of cracking one-liners and some amusing support players (blink and you'll miss Elijah Wood) the film offers a half-hearted social critique of superficial Angelenos, but is mostly concerned with finding the humour in failing relationships. Shame about the (probably well-intentioned) gay stereotyping that plays a small, but significant part in the story.