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Baker's Dozen

The Beat Goes On: Kid Millions' Favourite LPs
Luke Turner , October 16th, 2012 11:31

We look forward to Man Forever's gig with My Disco by getting the Baker's Dozen business from the gentleman Kid Millions


D'Angelo - Voodoo
This is an album mixed and mastered to be played at high volume. I say this because it sounds bizarre until it is ear splittingly loud. I am so thankful that I saw D (this OS how his band referred to him) on the Voodoo tour in Connecticut. A friend of mine at work was roommates with his lone female backing singer so we went to the show. ?uestlove was drumming, the band was incredible. It wasn't anything like the record - it was more like seeing Prince or Parliament; very rocking and funky. Obviously D'Angelo has had many problems both personal and creative since that time. There have been so many teases for this release... like is it Chinese D or what? Anyway - this album puts to shame anything from the same era. It's on an entirely different level.