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Quietus Mix 72: Carlton Melton's Dome Trip
The Quietus , October 13th, 2012 07:30

A Supersonic preview mix from the great far-out wanderers

"I thought up this mixtape by trying to describe - with songs- what a four hour drive from the Bay Area to the Dome is like. And what it's like once we get there: At first, there's the excitement of loading up the van and thinking about what we are getting ourselves into- once again. Once we are all in, we're off! ('On the Road Again'). Ten minutes into the drive we hit city traffic ('Instant Pleasures', 'Purple Hiss'). Once we drive over the Golden Gate bridge and the traffic starts to fade out ('Fever Knife'), we begin to realize all the city stress is being left behind/ we feel the weight fall off our shoulders ('Rosemary'). About 90 minutes into the drive we're cruising along the coast . Keep on heading north ('Mendocino'). Soon enough we are there, driving down the 1/4 mile long dirt road that ends in front of the Dome. Now it's time to GET DOWN, hit 'record', and lay down some Dome jams. Throughout the (late)night recording session we every now and then have to step outside of the Dome, breathe in some much needed crisp country air, and just chill out ('Laughing', 'On the Beach'). There is also plenty of staring up to the skies ('Hanging on a Star'). At some point we go to bed ('Where My Love Lies Asleep'). The next day is - lots of relaxation. And listening to music ('Time We Left This World Today', 'Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine'). And talking story. Then sleep. The final day we have to say goodbye to the Dome- once again. It's always such a wonderful time; always sad to have to leave. But we know we'll be back ('Reoccurring Dreams')." Andy Duvall, Carlton Melton. Watch the video of the mix journey below, along with Carlton Melton's forthcoming tour dates. Carlton Melton's Photos Of Photos is out now.

Carlton Melton tour dates:


16th - Prince Albert, Brighton

17th - The Red House, Sheffield

18th - Corsica Studios, London

19th - Mello Mello, Liverpool

20th - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

21st - Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

22nd - Exchange, Bristol