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Send More Paramedics Rarities 10" Due
The Quietus , October 10th, 2012 06:29

Vinyl/digital release teams up previously unofficially-released tracks with SMP covers from Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds

Sorely missed zombiecore bleeders Send More Paramedics are having a posthumous rarities disc released to celebrate In At The Deep End's 50th release... unfortunately the release won't prove a shot in the arm for the band as they already suffered a shot to the head several years ago.

Out on blood red 10" vinyl, limited to 911 copies, and download on October 31 (that's Halloween, y'all), 'Unearth:Possessed' features four Send More Paramedics cuts, which were previously released on a tour-only cassette, and guest spots from Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds who each offer up a cover - have a look at the tracklisting below (the Gallows track only features on the vinyl, while '245 Trioxin' is only on the download):

  1. Send More Paramedics - 'Zombiefied (re-recording)'
  2. Send More Paramedics - '100 Fighting Dogs'
  3. Send More Paramedics - 'Revenants'
  4. Send More Paramedics - 'Send More Paramedics'
  5. Gallows - 'Zombie Crew'/Send More Paramedics - '245 Trioxin (re-recording)'
  6. Feed The Rhino - 'Blood Fever'
  7. Wounds - 'Sever'

Send More Paramedics vocalist B'Hellmouth christened the release, with IATDE explaining that 'Unearth' alludes to his band's rarities, while 'Possessed' was chosen because "the zombie horde have turned Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds into the brain munching undead".

Cover art comes from Dan Mumford, a previous SMP collaborator, and Troy Browne has drawn up a comic strip for the insert - have a look above.