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Baker's Dozen

Beautiful Artefacts: Jon Spencer's Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , September 25th, 2012 11:41

The Blues Explosion frontman whittles down his favourite albums to a mean 13


DAF - Gold Und Liebe
I was into synthesisers and this was before Neubauten and other stuff. I was like, “Well, here’s a band that are into synthesisers” and I guess a friend must have turned me on to it. I mean, I was in high school when I was hearing these records in a small town in New Hampshire and it was pretty weird.

Again, I didn’t understand much about it but I think it’s a very particular kind of music and I responded to it. I’m not the kind of guy who goes out to the disco but I just responded to the purity of it. There’s about three of four albums of theirs where it’s just the drums and the bass synth and the vocal and that was about it but they work and they’re great. They’re so cool and so minimal.

All I has was the record covers to look at because I didn’t see them on TV or at any gigs. They had that total gay thing with the imagery and I kinda knew what was going on but I didn’t really care or it was largely over my head. I liked the energy and how simple and how clean and how driving the music was.

The sound of Gold Und Liebe is a little more heavy and the concept is even more distilled and with another fabulously macho-gay cover photo. It contains one of my favorite DAF songs: 'Absolute Körperkontrolle' ('Absolute Bodycontrol'), which is nothing but sputtering, pounding, hammering rhythm. At my small town high school the music department had a largely unused Korg monophonic synthesizer with a built-in sequencer. I used to sneak in to create my own DAF-type songs, at least the synth parts.