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Baker's Dozen

Sound Of Creation: Adrian Sherwood's 13 Favourite Albums
David Stubbs , September 24th, 2012 07:21

Legendary UK dub producer and On-U-Sound founder Adrian Sherwood recently released his latest solo album Survival & Resistance. He talks David Stubbs through a list of his favourite albums and inspirations, from Ray Charles to Burning Spear


Prince Far I - Psalms For I

By the age of 17 I was a junior partner in the Carib Gems label and I was choosing what they put out. We got sent two tapes from Jamaica, and one of them was a dub album which wasn't great, to be honest, which they were going to call Boombaclaat Dub – which is a Jamaican swear word – on account of having put out a thing called Raasclaat Dub, which had sold a few copies on the back of its outrageous name. The UK record companies were creating a demand for dub albums. But we'd also acquired this album, which we called Psalms For I, with Pete Weston brokering the deal. He's a good lad, Pete. And this was the first album I ever selected for release, so it's very special to me.