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WATCH: New Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Laurie Tuffrey , September 21st, 2012 08:08

Here's something to put you off your lunch

Following up our review for the brilliant new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album Meat And Bone, out now, have a watch of the video for opening track 'Black Mold' below:

It's a nicely cinematic turn, playing heavily on the stomach-churning connotations of that title - we're talking creepy shit, here. Speaking about the video, Spencer says: "A video doesn’t have to be literal, it doesn’t need to explain the song’s lyrics. Toon had this idea for a short monster-horror film. It has echoes of The Thing, and of flying saucer movies of the 50s, a bit of David Lynch, some Cronenberg body horror —but it’s not a bloody mess. It works nicely, it’s a tight narrative. I was struck by how beautiful it is. It’s a very pretty thing to look at. The tableau that opens the film is just gorgeous. Like a Dutch master painting. I think it is very funny as well."