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Kele Okereke's Letter To Suede Fanclub
The Quietus , September 17th, 2012 05:18

A young Mr Okereke writes, seeking "guitar genius" and Suede live recordings

Found: one letter, printed in the 'swap shop' section of issue 14 of the official Suede newsletter from winter 1997, from Kele Okereke, frontman-to-be of Bloc Party, "NOT a Suede tribute band". With thanks to the Quietus' Bay Area correspondent Ned Raggett:

"Kele Okereke, Manor Park, London

"Original and very talented vocal-lyricist seeks guitar genius (Marr, Oakes, Butler) to write beautiful art rock. NOT a Suede tribute band; original and dynamic! 100% committed, real music head, style and image also. London area, willing to travel. Contact me after 5 pm on [phone number]. 'Let’s make it beautiful!'

"As well as a musical partner, I’m also searching for various Suede bits. I’m desperately seeking copies of the promo videos to 'Drowners' UK version, 'New Generation', 'We Are the Pigs', 'Trash' and 'Beautiful Ones.' I’m also after copies of all the unreleased tracks: 'Be My God', 'Art' and 'Wonderful Sometimes', as well as any decent live recordings of 'Stay Together' and Richard playing 'He’s Dead.' Any articles and posters are also most welcome.

"I have a signed Suede CD and a signed (Bernard) 'Stay Together' and also Bernard’s black plectrum. I’m willing to pay for postage and packaging and for your services."