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The North Sea Scrolls Album & Lecture Due
Laurie Tuffrey , September 10th, 2012 03:55

Conceptual album and academic lecture of alternative British history set for release in November

Did you know that England is actually divided into just two counties, Northshire and Southshire? Or that Ian Ball of Gomez is actually, ahem, the very same Ian Ball who tried to kidnap Princess Anne in 1974? No? Well, prepare to be educated, you history book-believing squares.

Luke Haines and Cathal Coughlan are releasing The North Sea Scrolls (artwork above), a 42-track conceptual album and academic lecture, with narrations from Andrew Mueller, out on November 19 via Fantastic Plastic Records, musically and demagogically presenting the details of the titular semi-hidden history of Britain.

The trio apparently received the legendary parchments from actor Tony Allen, and have been investigating them since last year, when we interviewed them and they presented their findings in a couple of shows at last year's Edge Festival in Scotland.

Other topics the intrepid triumvirate broach are aptly demonstrated by the tracklisting, which runs as follows:


  1. 'Preamble - Intro'
  2. 'Broadmoor Blues Delta'
  3. 'Mr Cynthia'
  4. 'I'm Not The Man You Think I Am Karen, I'm The Actor Tony Allen'
  5. 'Witches In The Water'
  6. 'I Am Falconetti'
  7. 'The Papal Pagan'
  8. 'Ayatollah Cornelius'
  9. 'The Morris Man Cometh'
  10. 'Tim Hardin MP'
  11. 'Enoch Powell - Space Poet'
  12. 'The Australian IRA Show'
  13. 'My Mother My Dead Mother'
  14. 'Narration - (outro)'
  15. 'Anthem Of The Scrolls'


  1. 'Preamble – intro'
  2. 'Scroll 1'
  3. 'Broadmoor Blues Delta'
  4. 'Scroll 2'
  5. 'Mr Cynthia'
  6. 'Scroll 3'
  7. 'I'm Not The Man You Think I Am Karen, I'm The Actor Tony Allen'
  8. 'Scroll 4'
  9. 'Witches In The Water'
  10. 'Scroll 5'
  11. 'The Papal Pagan'
  12. 'Scroll 6'
  13. 'Ayatollah Cornelius'
  14. 'Scroll 7'
  15. 'I Am Falconetti'
  16. 'Scroll 8'
  17. 'The Morris Man Cometh'
  18. 'Scroll 9'
  19. 'Tim Hardin MP'
  20. 'Scroll 10'
  21. 'Enoch Powell Space Poet'
  22. 'Scroll 11'
  23. 'The Australian IRA Show'
  24. 'Scroll 12'
  25. 'My Mother My Dead Mother'
  26. 'Narration/outro'
  27. 'Anthem Of The Scrolls'

You can pre-order the album via the label here.