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LISTEN: Minotaur Shock Quietus Mix
The Quietus , September 7th, 2012 06:05

A rather nice Friday afternoon apéritif for the coming weekend...

Bristol's idiosyncratic electronic operator Minotaur Shock, aka David Edwards, released his new album Orchard on 20th August via Melodic (you can buy it from here). To coincide with the release he recorded a rather lovely mix of music that's been floating his boat lately, some of which is a tad reminiscent of his own music, some rather more distant, and he's given it to us to host. You can listen above - its tracklist includes artists as diverse as Roman Flugel, The Black Dog, AtomTM, Scott Walker and Dusty Springfield, which should make it even harder to figure out what to expect.

"This is a bunch of tracks that I’ve been enjoying lately," says Edwards. "I still mostly listen to albums, so this is mostly a mixed bag of LP tracks. I’ve been doing this expensive thing lately where I re-buy vinyl editions of things I originally bought on CD. I’m around that age when they keep reissuing stuff that had a big impact on me. And if they don’t reissue it, the original vinyl costs a fortune second hand. Anyhow, I was chuffed the other day to get a copy of Black Dog’s Spanners for 8 quid on vinyl.

"The irony is that I only have one turntable, so I had to make this mix on my computer in any case. I couldn’t be bothered to sit and record all of the tracks I wanted to use so I used the versions I had on CD/MP3. Which is lazy, but I decided that sticking crackly records into Ableton and tweaking them about defeats the object a bit.

"In terms of the tracks, I guess I wanted to put something together that sort of flowed and breathed. Much as I love a good mix that sticks to one genre, I wanted to have some sort of arc – starting a bit slow and loose, getting tighter in the middle and finishing with something lovely."

Minotaur Shock has also just released a video for album track 'Saundersfoot', which you can watch below.