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Silver Apples For French Wine & Music Fest
The Quietus , September 6th, 2012 06:26

Bordeaux and electronic music celebrated this

Fear not, haters of tepid, over-priced festival cider, we have just the thing for you! Outdoor music and wine festival, Silver Grapes is hosting an evening of electronic music, Bordeaux and fine food on September 23 at Château Carignan in France. The festival will see performances from Silver Apples, Turzi Électronique Expérience, Kill For Total Peace, Judah Warsky, and Night Birds + Monade Ach, whilst you get off your tits on Châteaux Carignan's finest. Tickets are priced at €19.80, and can be bought from here. Bring your own cheese. (Of the dairy variety). We asked the Festival's Andrew Lench about the do: When did you come up with the idea for the Festival?

Andrew Lench: Upon visiting Chateau Carignan for the first time after my family acquired the property in late 2007. It just felt like an ideal venue for music outdoors, and a cool way to showcase the wines.

What's your connection with wine... and music?

AL: My family has been importing and distributing wine into the US since 1987, specialising in Bordeaux, so I grew up in and around the family business and was raised to appreciate wine. My deep interest in music really started from a mixtape I was given (by the girl I eventually married) at about 14 years old that had Sonic Youth, The Sea & Cake, Low, Halo Benders, and a bunch of other indie bands on it. It was the first time I found out there was all kinds of interesting music going on that wasn't being played on mainstream radio. From there I got into local Olympia and Seattle bands, going to shows, collecting records, and just couldn't get enough of underground sounds as well as learning about music less well-known from the past or from other parts of the world. I eventually started doing some DJ'ing and radio shows, and continue to always have my ears open for new and different sounds. With Chateau Carignan now in the family, I have plans for more events centered around wine and/or music there, including additional concerts, other special events and private functions such as weddings.

Why does Bordeaux and electronic music go so well together?

AL: I like the idea of the classic juxtaposed with the cutting edge, the organic vines and grapes as a backdrop for synthesised music.

What's the thinking behind the Festival?

AL: I want to engage a new audience for the wines of Chateau Carignan by hosting musicians with forward-thinking sounds that also reference the origins of experimental electronic music. When I first visited the property I was listening to Silver Apples regularly while also keeping an ear on the independent music scene in France, and it just seemed like there was potential for a great connection there. I'm hoping festival-goers will come away from Silver Grapes with a one-of-a-kind experience and a fondness for Chateau Carignan and the delicious, affordable wines produced there.

What are you most looking forward to?

AL: I can't wait for the music! I have yet to see any of these bands live, so really excited for that. I am also eager to see people relaxing on the grass, glass of wine in hand, reveling in the scene and the sounds....