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Frank Turner: Not Right Wing
The Quietus , September 5th, 2012 02:02

Singer writes statement online

Folk punk singer Frank Turner has taken to the internet to refute suggestions that he's some kind of mad right winger who says that the UK Film Council are a bunch of thugs who go around lumping citizens for cash. Michael Hann at The Guardian pointed out a selection of interviews where Turner said things like "I consider myself to be pretty right wing", "the BNP are a hard left party", "I think socialism's retarded" or that compared to fizzy drink companies, "I think that state funding is much more of a greater evil on society. Those are my politics.". One could see this as somewhat contradictory to the lyrics in say, 'Thatcher Fucked The Kids', thus.

However, writing on his blog, Turner attempts to make the picture clearer, saying "My politics are based on principles like democracy, individuality, equality of opportunity, distrust of power and, above all else, freedom, including economic freedom."

He added that as he's got older his views have changed: "Once I would have called myself an anarchist. These days I suppose the word "libertarian" does pretty well for me, though I suspect it's a little over-intellectual as a description. I just think the world works better when people are left alone to do what they want as much as possible."

He went on to deny any political affiliation, saying "Incidentally, here's some things I'm not: 'Tory', 'conservative', or 'Republican'. If you don't know the difference between these and libertarians, I suggest reading up a little before slagging me off. I don't consider myself 'right wing' either. I'm just not a leftist."

Turner also tried to clear up the BNP issue: "Obviously I think the BNP are repugnant. They are a socially right-wing / racist party, but their economic policies are pretty authoritarian left wing. I happen to oppose them strongly for both of those reasons."

Frank Turner also says that his views cause ding dongs with some of his muso mates, "Most of my friends disagree with me, not least Billy Bragg and Chris T-T. But, being adults, we understand that intelligent people can disagree about stuff. Despite occasionally running my mouth (a bad habit of mine, which I'm working on) I don't think people who call themselves socialists are evil, mad, stupid or deserving of being attacked; I just see the world differently. In everything I do, I try to treat everyone with equal respect and consideration. I'd hope that the way I’ve gone about my music career would attest to that to some degree. I’ll drink a beer with anyone."