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Baker's Dozen

Happy Songs? Stuart Braithwaite Of Mogwai's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , August 28th, 2012 04:28

Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite takes us through his favourite albums, and explains why it's Margaret Thatcher's fault that everyone in Scotland is a goth and how John Peel funded the Scottish music scene


David Bowie - Low
It was between The Idiot and Fun House, but it's almost like The Idiot and Low are part of the same package or something. Low is an incredibly ambitious and strange and enjoyable album. My parents weren't into pop music, but one of my very first memories is being at a child's party and hearing 'Starman'. So Bowie is one of the people who made me consider that I liked music. It was a really important, formative thing. Low is probably just from becoming a fan, getting all the records and deciding that that was my favourite one. It's not often you hear a record and can't actually approximate the thought processes that went into making the song. Maybe that comes from imagination run wild through drugs psychosis, or maybe them just sat around having a laugh going 'you know what would be mental? Let's have a ten-minute song where I start chanting in the middle of it'.