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Berghain To Remain Open
The Quietus , August 15th, 2012 07:08

Berlin club set to remain open beyond the end of 2012

Berlin's iconic Berghain/Panoramabar, one of the most famous techno clubs in the world and a mighty fine space for a marathon dancefloor session, will remain open in 2013, report Resident Advisor. An article in today's Berliner Zeitung states that the club has confirmed it will remain open beyond the end of this year.

Berghain originally stated that they would close the doors of the club for the last time on New Years' Eve 2012 if the originally proposed GEMA royalty rate amendments went ahead. As we previously reported, there have been protests in Berlin over the proposed amendment, which would increase the running costs of clubs that remain open overnight - like Berghain and Watergate - to unsustainable levels. There has been a great deal of controversy around how this may affect the city's clubs and associated businesses, and its potential threat to the livelihoods of many working within the city's clubbing industry.

When we interviewed Nick Höppner, the manager of Berghain/Panoramabar's Ostgut Ton label, a couple of months ago, he suggested that it was possible GEMA were proposing such a massive hike in fees in order to reach a settlement somewhere in the middle. "There are a lot of economic factors to consider," Höppner said. "The lobbyists tried to put pressure on GEMA to reconsider, and there are thoughts that GEMA came up with the ridiculous reformation plan just to realise a much lower reformation - which is still a lot higher. But it’s like they’re playing poker, and suggesting something really ridiculous to produce a good result. There will be a reformation, clubs will have to pay a lot more, but in the end it will be reasonable."

According to the article in Berliner Zeitung, Berghain had originally planned an expansion called Kubus, intended to host classical and dance concerts and similar cultural events. However, this will apparently no longer go ahead.