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Baker's Dozen

Page 33 1/3: Sam Fox's 13 Favourite Albums
Thomas Hasson , August 14th, 2012 08:08

As 80s pop heroine Sam Fox prepares to reissue her first four albums via Cherry Red, we sit down to discuss her favourite 13 LPs


Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
I'd loved to have met her. I'd have loved to have met her and taken care of her. I can't believe it's been just over a year since she died. I was in Norway the night that she died. "I'd gone off for an encore and my manager saw it on Twitter so I went back on stage and I said; 'Can we have a minute's silence for Amy Winehouse.'

No one in the audience knew that she'd just died and you could hear this complete silence. It was quite amazing. Quite emotional really. Because I'm a north London girl, she's a north London girl, and I was hoping one day that I would have bumped into her. I'd love to have met her.

When she died, a track of hers would come on and it would make me so upset. I couldn't get over it to be honest. I really thought she was getting better. It was such a shock. There was so much more she had to give.