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Baker's Dozen

Page 33 1/3: Sam Fox's 13 Favourite Albums
Thomas Hasson , August 14th, 2012 08:08

As 80s pop heroine Sam Fox prepares to reissue her first four albums via Cherry Red, we sit down to discuss her favourite 13 LPs


AC/DC - Back in Black
Back in Black reminds me of when I was on my Asian tour, around 1991. I'd never really listened to a lot of AC/DC but my band was very much into them, especially my guitarist, Nunzio. And he used to have it on a lot in the bus.

I remember we'd just done Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Calcutta, we'd done a fantastic tour of India and then we got a week off in Goa. And we used to bring the old fashioned boogie-boxes, put it on the beach and we'd have AC/DC blaring. We all used to just go nuts on the beach, having a wild party and all head-banging.

It just reminds me of a good Asian tour. Before India we'd been in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand. It was a big tour, so it was quite long and arduous and then we had this week off in Goa playing AC/DC on the beach. It was mental.

I used to say to my guitarist; 'come on, do what Angus does, jump across the stage like that!' I even learned to play guitar myself on that tour and I used to go out and do the same thing. Which used to make people laugh.

So it just brings back memories of an end of a tour, partying on the beach, having a good time and everyone sunbathing, being rock & roll and mad on this beautiful deserted beach. There were all these people, probably on their honeymoon, trying to have a nice rest and then us with the ghetto blaster, head-banging on the beach.