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Page 33 1/3: Sam Fox's 13 Favourite Albums
Thomas Hasson , August 14th, 2012 08:08

As 80s pop heroine Sam Fox prepares to reissue her first four albums via Cherry Red, we sit down to discuss her favourite 13 LPs

"I went through punk, loved the UK Subs, Sex Pistols, then I went mod, then I became a soul girl. I've been everything. You can probably tell that from these albums, my taste is so schizophrenic."

Samantha Fox first became a household name in 1983 when, at the age of 16, she began to model as a Page 3 girl. Three years later, it was with her debut single 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)' that she became famous for selling records, not selling papers.

In a career that's lasted nearly three decades. Fox has released gold records, acted, presented, become a reality TV star, and once performed to 70,000 people for three nights in a row in India, breaking the record previously held by Bruce Springsteen.

In advance of her first four album's being reissued through Cherry Red Records, Fox has chosen her 13 favourite albums and told us about each of them. Click the image below to begin the countdown, and find out more about the Sam Fox reissues here.