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Bruce Dickinson: Don't Text At Gigs
Laurie Tuffrey , July 23rd, 2012 10:29

Spending the entire gig playing with your phone? Run to the hills, the Maiden frontman's after you

Oh, ye fools who spend entire gigs playing with your phones - your time has come, as Iron Maiden lead man Bruce Dickinson is on the case (via Chris Harris at Gun Shy Assassin). During the band’s set last Thursday at Indiana, Indianapolis, he called out a texter in the audience, just as the band started up with 'Wasted Years', with a simple yet incisive “you’re a wanker!” Watch the video below.

Bruce, we salute your directness. Why indeed pay good money to come to a show, then spend your time relaying that fact to your phone's address book or adding blurry stage shots to your Facebook photo albums? The guy in the white t-shirt who’s been texting for the last fucking three songs - shame on you.