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Malka Spigel: New Album Details
The Quietus , July 10th, 2012 09:48

Every Day Is Like The First Day for release on September 3rd

Malka Spigel has announced that her third solo album, entitled Every Day Is Like The First Day, will be released on September 3rd. It's her first solo album for fifteen years, following on from 1997's My Pet Fish and features an impressive array of collaborators, including husband Colin Newman (of Wire), Stereolab's Andy Ramsay, Johnny Marr, Lonelady, Nik Colk Void (of Factory Floor and Carter Tutti Void) and Ronald Lippok of To Rococo Rot.

The album first took shape in a four-day session with Newman in London. The duo hadn't discussed beforehand what shape the record would take, but allowed the sessions to unfold and dictate the music. "It’s about not thinking or planning or having a concept – not even deciding not to think," says Spigel of the creative process involved. "You do it before your brain gets involved. It’s quick. It’s instinctive." That attitude, she explains, allows her to keep a completely open and clear mind when approaching each new piece of music. "Every song is like the first song. That’s the way I like to approach music."

After laying down the original tracks at Ramsay's Press Play Studio in London over these four days, Spigel and Newman then passed them out to a number of collaborators and friends to rework and embellish as they saw fit. "It was fun, and it got better and better," she says. "Better than we had imagined. We never felt stuck or lost or confused about anything. Every step was so easy." For a taste of the results, you can listen to album track 'See It Sideways' below.

Originally from Poland but raised in Tel Aviv, Spigel first rose to prominence in the 80s as a member of Amsterdam-based Israeli post-punk band Minimal Compact. After meeting and later marrying Newman, she began to collaborate extensively with him on various projects, including 1986's Commercial Suicide album and their joint record label Swim. The pair released Spigel's earlier solo albums through Swim, culminating with My Pet Fish in 1997. Since then she has studied fine art, become established as a photographer, and since 2004 has been playing in the band Githead with Newman and Scanner (Robin Rimbaud). Every Day Is Like The First Day will again be released through Swim, on 3rd September.