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Baker's Dozen

Natural Rhythm: Chris Packham's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , July 4th, 2012 05:22

Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham talks Luke Turner through his favourite albums... includes punk rock riot, hitchhiking, and singing poodles


The Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy
I'd say that's probably my favourite of all time. I remember going to HMV with my sister on a sunny afternoon in Southampton having heard 'Upside Down' on John Peel, and buying the album. I bought that and The Queen Is Dead on the same day, they were both great albums, very different in their flavour. But as I've said to Jim Reid, they're the soundtrack to my life, the Jesus & Mary Chain. I used to sit in my room and put it on, the turn it over, turn it over and turn it over. I can't think of a bad track on there. I remember going to Paris and having it on my Walkman, and trying to get my sister to listen to it on top of the Eiffel Tower, and failing miserably. I went to loads of gigs, the last time was at the Roundhouse. Jim and Julie very kindly sent me all the remasters, that was the best Christmas present. I really liked their whole persona. Obviously the gigs became less riotous as they went along. I did see some epic Mary Chain performances eventually. I remember one occasion in Pool. They completely flooded the entire arena with smoke, and there were just these lights pumping through the smoke. You couldn't see anything, even the person next to you. They were playing 'Sidewalking', it was a theatrical performance, just fantastic.