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Baker's Dozen

Natural Rhythm: Chris Packham's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , July 4th, 2012 05:22

Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham talks Luke Turner through his favourite albums... includes punk rock riot, hitchhiking, and singing poodles


The Lightning Seeds - Cloudcuckooland
I thought I'd better give you the smooth with the rough. It's a pathetic thing but I'm an honest bloke and I don't need to try and maintain musical cred because I haven't got any... but 'Pure' by the Lightning Seeds is, for me, one of the greatest pop songs. They're candy pretty lyrics, I have a tattoo on my back inspired by the lyrics - I shouldn't tell you that, should I - I just love 'Pure', it's one of my songs, I'm afraid. 'Don't Let Go', 'Bound In A Nutshell' I thought were really good, but 'Pure' is the one, I can never get it out of my head, it's just always there. My dogs sing to it. Certain tunes kick dogs off, and once they've heard it they'll sing repeatedly. If ever I want my dogs to sing... in fact, I got them to sing at my mum's graveside. She was very fond of my dogs, and when she died a couple of years ago. I stayed behind with the dogs after the funeral, and we played 'Pure' by the Lightning Seeds and they sang, because it always used to make my mum laugh. It was a fitting tribute, strangely, Ian Broudie and two poodles. Not many people would want to go to the grave like that, but my mum would have loved it.