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Baker's Dozen

Natural Rhythm: Chris Packham's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , July 4th, 2012 05:22

Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham talks Luke Turner through his favourite albums... includes punk rock riot, hitchhiking, and singing poodles


Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Talk about terrible gigs! The worst gigs I've probably ever seen, alongside Transvision Vamp that I got dragged to by my hair... but Primal Scream! I once drove all the way from Bristol after finishing work to get to I think Hammersmith Palais to see Primal Scream and they were fucking shocking. Gillespie was always pissed, off his head, off his trolley on something, I never saw a decent Primal Scream gig, they were terrible, absolutely shocking. But Screamadelica, it's one of those albums. It worked for me. I remember playing it endlessly back to back. My girlfriend was really into it as well. Again rather like the Mary Chain, it seemed to represent a new sound, a bit like when The Prodigy broke. You thought it's an amalgam of lots of other things, but I've not heard it like that before. I got into the techno thing, I went to Space and a couple of clubs in Ibiza and i thought the sound was amazing. I thought the whole experience was something of its time. I like Apollo 440, Vapour Space, I was into all that.