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LISTEN: Summer Camp Vs. Odd Future
Rosie Lord , July 3rd, 2012 12:25

New track now streaming

Summer Camp are no strangers to featuring guest vocals on their music, but it’s more often characters from John Hughes films than rappers. In a wholly unexpected collaboration, they’ve enlisted the help of Odd Future rapper Pyramid Vritra on their new single, City.

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time that the LA-Based hip-hop collective have shown an interest in the synth-pop London duo. Last year, Tyler, the Creator featured ‘Ghost Train’ by the band on his mixtape, also entitled ‘Summer Camp.’

The collaboration came about when Pyramid Vritra asked if he could remix one of their songs. The band responded by sending them the original version of ‘City’, a track from their upcoming EP, Always. They must’ve liked what he came up with, because his rap verse has made its way onto the official version of the song.

The track is a departure from the fuzzy, 80s synth-pop of the majority of their debut album, and takes on a darker sound similar to that of ‘I Want You’ and their other releases from the new EP. Whilst it’s definitely exciting to see Summer Camp try something new with the collaboration, Pyramid Vritra’s verse interrupts the song at an awkward point, and the swearing feels a bit out-of-place when embedded in a song with Elizabeth Sankey’s sweet and innocent vocals.

Summer Camp’s EP Always is out on the 9th July.