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Soul Jazz announce major TV music comp
The Quietus , July 2nd, 2012 12:42

2CD compilation promises to explore “the serious contribution that these creative musicians have made on the landscape of popular music in Britain”

Soul Jazz records have announced a new 26-track 2CD compilation, championing the oft-neglected realms of British Television, Film and Library music. TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film and Library Composers 1955-80 has been put together by Soul Jazz’s Stuart Baker, and features a huge array of names ranging from the well-known (John Barry, best known for his James Bond soundtracks) through to the obscure.

Still, often the music will be familiar even if the name behind it isn’t: Roy Budd’s masterfully suspenseful theme tune to Get Carter will set neurons firing; C.C.S.’s version of Led Zep’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is forever associated with the top 40 for anybody over a certain age; and Richard Denton and Martin Cook's theme music for Tomorrow's World feels like a relic from a lost age when bleeding-edge technology was still something the public could get excited about. The compilation doesn't intent to be a trip down memory lane, though, so much as a serious reappraisal of the huge - if largely un-discussed - impact this music has had on British cultural consciousness.

The release will include a 50-page booklet with sleeve notes penned by the inimitable Johnny Trunk, and will also be available as a two-volume, limited edition gatefold LP. Full tracklist below.

CD 1

  1. Barry Stoller - ‘Condition Red’
  2. Pentangle - ‘Light Flight (Theme From Take Three Girls)’
  3. Geoff Love And His Orchestra - ‘Three Days Of The Condor’
  4. The Tony Hatch Sound - ‘Man Alive’
  5. Richard Denton And Martin Cook - ‘Tomorrow's World’
  6. Brian Fahey And His Orchestra - ‘At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal’
  7. Bullet - ‘The Contract Man’
  8. Syd Dale - ‘Man Friday’
  9. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - ‘Echo Four-Two’
  10. Keith Papworth - ‘Hard Hitter’
  11. John Barry - ‘The Persuaders’
  12. Roy Budd - ‘Getting Nowhere In A Hurry’
  13. The Simon Park Orchestra - ‘Dawn To Dusk’
  14. The Marylebone Orchestra - ‘Fiesta Numero Uno’
  15. Sort Of Soul - ‘Bird 'n Brass’
  16. Johnny Gregory And His Orchestra - ‘The Avengers’
  17. Johnny Harris - ‘Fragment Of Fear’
  18. Roy Budd - ‘Get Carter’
  19. Neil Richardson - ‘Guide Path’

CD 2

  1. Brian Bennett - ‘Canvas’
  2. Wil Malone - ‘Death Line’
  3. Syd Dale - ‘Huckleberry Fine’
  4. The Harry Roche Constellation - ‘Spiral’
  5. The Ivor And Basil Kirchin Band - ‘Jungle Fire Dance’
  6. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - ‘The New Avengers Theme’
  7. James Clarke + Sounds - ‘Folk Song’
  8. The Reg Tilsley Orchestra - ‘Strike Rich’
  9. The Barry Gray Orchestra - ‘Joe 90’
  10. Keith Mansfield - ‘Soul Thing’
  11. C.C.S. - ‘Whole Lotta Love’
  12. Syd Dale - ‘Artful Dodger’
  13. John Gregory And His Orchestra - ‘Jaguar’
  14. Nick Ingman - ‘Down Home’
  15. Barbara Moore - ‘Steam Heat’
  16. Alan Parker - ‘Angels’
  17. Alan Moorhouse - ‘Face Up’