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French Catholics Blast Sunn O)))
The Quietus , June 20th, 2012 12:16

...but is the Archangel Michael a fan?

A few weeks ago, Stephen O'Malley posted on his blog that a group of French Catholics were invoking against Sunn O)))'s performance at Hellfest. "According to these well-informed and open minded "anti-Hellfest" people we are performing a "black mass" are propogating The Church of Satan, Hitler and Crowley with our music," wrote O'Malley. "Usual first-stage extreme music smear tactics. Not sure of the authors but seems to be the far-right and anti-cultural French political party (mention of dipping into the taxpayers pockets, etc) who themselves propogate racism, anti-immigration, destruction of cultural bodies, etc."

Quietus French correspondent M. Joseph Burnett translated the Catholics' missive, thus: "Holy Archangel Michael, defend us in this struggle; be our relief against the demon's malice and traps. We implore you: may God show him his empire. And you, Prince of the celestial militia, drive back to hell, by divine force, Satan and the other evil spirits that prowl the world searching for souls to corrupt. Amen." But hark! It seems that the Saints in Heaven might actually be a bit smarter than the French Catholics, because the past weekend's performance went off without a hitch. And lo! Is this not the very Archangel Michael proffering an (admittedly dour) claw?