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Brother Return! As Lovelife!
The Quietus , June 20th, 2012 06:34

Shit gritpopper goes synth plop!

Now, as any fule no, Brother (later Viva Brother) were the slimy weird matter (fizzy pop, engine oil, rotten effluent) the issued and oozed out of the very bottom of the indie landfill. Despite their gritty protestations, they never quite managed to escape the fact that they've previously been a tattooed emo pop punk outfit. Now, just months after the Brother split, the one of lads has returned (along with one of similarly shite indie group Mirrors, apparently)... as a Saturday morning kids TV pop act called Lovelife! Who swear! And sing about doing cocaine in the bedroom! In a way, we have to raise our fedora to the cold, dead-eyed shapeshifting hunt for fame. You can listen here.