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John Peel's Records: 'G' Now Online
The Quietus , June 12th, 2012 12:10

Rifle wildly through the latest 100 of Peel's records here

The 'G' category of John Peel's record collection opens with G.B.H's charmingly titled Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne, featuring such tracks as 'Necrophilia', 'State Executioner' and 'Dead On Arrival'. A suitably bracing way to open the latest instalment of The Space's weekly alphabetical missives from the late, loved radio DJ's LP collection, and one continued by two more early albums from that British punk rock crew, Midnight Madness & Beyond and the wonderfully named City Baby Attacked By Rats. Grotty track titles like 'Gunned Down' out of the way, we're left free to drift breezily through a section that also includes a small wedge of Peter Gabriel, Galaxie 500, the awesome Diamanda Galas and a slab of Rory Gallagher so hefty you'd probably kill (or at least severely injure) whichever unlucky soul you happened to drop it on.

You can check out the full 100 records at The Space - click here. And for more thoughts on JP's record collection from us - including written documentation of David Stubbs and Everett True's slow descent into punk rock-induced semi-sanity - click here.