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LISTEN: Dutch Uncles Euro 2012 Song
The Quietus , June 12th, 2012 10:25

Not shit football song shocker!

We'd usually reserve a similar kind of enthusiasm for a PR email that talks about some indie dude making a football record as we would for the prospect of cleaning Michael Winner's toilet with our tongues. However, all hails to Matt from In House for alerting us to this ace a capella Euro 2012 song by Dutch Uncles called 'Road To Roy'. Yeah, that's what we said - indie, a capella, football. Laugh it up fuzzballs:

We probably like it because it doesn't sound like Futureheads drunk with the Flying Pickets and instead sounds like something Philip Glass, Jaga Jazzist or Michael Nyman would do.

This is what Mr Uncles had to say about the experience: "Following on from Fabio Acapella (2010 World Cup Song) by Dutch Uncles we somehow convinced ourselves that a follow up for Euro 2012 was in order... The piece 'Road to Roy' was composed to represent the anticipation, expectation and excitement that consistently envelops England in the build up to the quadrennial European football Championships. It also signifies the subsequent disappointment at the team's predictable demise or heartbreaking failure in all the country's previous appearances in the competition. The piece flows chronologically, beginning with the semi-final defeat to Yugoslavia at Italy '68, and concludes once again with the mounting excitement towards Euro 2012. Could this finally be England's year?"

I mean, I don't give a shit about Oafball and would happily push anyone who tries talking to me about it into an industrial hay bailing machine over the next two weeks but that song is great.

And so is this: