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WATCH: Diamond Version Trailer
The Quietus , June 7th, 2012 11:16

Mute are working with Diamond Version - watch a trailer below

We were casting our mind back earlier today to the music we've heard so far this year, and it occurred that Mute Records have had a particularly impressive 2012 to date, with albums from Carter Tutti Void, Liars, VCMG and Can's The Lost Tapes all receiving heavy rotation in Quietus Towers. So it's with considerable interest and anticipation that we received an email from the label this afternoon containing the above cryptic trailer. A mission statement for Diamond Version, whom Mute are now apparently working with, it offers a series of blue sky thinking-style slogans over caustic sub-bass and the crackle of static. We'll leave it to you to make further investigations into the origin of these tectonic rumblings, though needless to say this is an exciting prospect, and we're promised full details soon...