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Martin Rev Talks Neneh Cherry... New Suicide?
The Quietus , May 23rd, 2012 12:26

New Suicide album possible?

This weekend, Martin Rev will be playing live at Electrowerkz in London, and to coincide with the performance, our friends at The Stool Pigeon have a brilliant, extensive interview with the big-sunglasses half of Suicide. In the interview, which looks at the history of Suicide, recent activity, and Rev's relationship with music, Rev is asked what he thinks of Neneh Cherry's cover of 'Dream Baby Dream', which our John Doran has proclaimed one of his favourite tracks of the year. "I heard it's kinda cool," said Rev. "It was a nice surprise. Her father [Don Cherry] was someone that I met, that I knew in a very nice way — not really personally, but Mari my wife knew him when she was growing up in California.

"She used to go hear Ornette [Coleman] when he was just starting out there, and she and Don were very close all those years; not always seeing each other or talking to each other, but they were very good friends, and he was very significant in a couple of incidents in her life. We'd see him sometimes in New York, when he came back from Sweden. So that was a nice surprise."

Asked if there was ever likely to be another Suicide album, Rev was not to be drawn on specifics. "One can never say," he said to Ben Graham. "We've never really planned our records to any extent. They've always presented themselves in one way or another, in a way that we almost couldn't refuse to do them. There's a general kind of environment that circles you and makes it happen. We tend not to, at this point, say, 'Okay, we gotta make a new album,' like a band that says, 'Okay, it's time to get in the studio and make a new album and try to sell it to somebody...' But if it's in the wind, so to speak, if it's necessary, we'll be called. One way or the other." You can buy tickets for Martin Rev at Electrowerkz here.