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King Of The Beats: Slayer's Dave Lombardo Picks His Favourite Albums
Toby Cook , May 21st, 2012 09:05

Ahead of Slayer's Reign In Blood ATP IBYM show and the release of PHILM's debut album Harmonic, Dave Lombardo tells Toby Cook about his 13 favourite albums


Public Image Ltd – The Flowers Of Romance

I actually got into PiL via Buzz Osborne of the Melvins; he was the one who recommended this album to me (although actually it might have even been Dale Crover, now I come to think of it). But I had to pick this one because it showcases a drummer named Martin Atkins who I really, really enjoy from his previous works – I think he might have played at one time for Ministry, I don’t remember, but he played on some of the industrial music that I enjoyed, although again I can’t think of the bands. But I really liked the sound, it was raw and like nothing else I’d heard before. This music sounded, for me, like it was done almost in a garage, or just by a bunch of guys with limited amounts of recording equipment, but they were still making it happen – it sounded so unique.