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Baker's Dozen

Lucky For Some: Alexander Tucker's Favourite Albums
Dom Smith , May 24th, 2012 08:20

Dom Smith takes down Alexander Tucker's Baker's Dozen and chats to him about the personal experiences attached to the records


The BeatlesThe Beatles

I think I was probably sucking on a rusk biscuit or something when I first heard this album. That record was my mum's first before it became my own. I used to listen to it when I was feeling down. I used to counsel myself by listening to 'Blackbird'. And, 'Revolution 9' as well. When I was younger I remember thinking, “What the fuck is this?” Here's one of the most popular bands in the world doing this completely “out there” experimental instrumentation. The White Album really got to me a few years ago. It had always been in my collection, but Abbey Road and Rubber Soul were the really firm favourites of mine. Then, I listened to a track on The White Album that I'd never heard before and it was 'Long Long Long' which comes on after 'Helter Skelter' dies down. Before, I'd always listened to 'Helter Skelter' because it was so heavy and sonic, but then miss 'Long Long Long' because it was so quiet, and you can barely hear it when it begins. When I wrote 'Atomized' from Dorwytch, it was directly influenced by that.