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John Peel's Records: 'B' Now Online
The Quietus , May 8th, 2012 11:12

And so we move from A to B... The second 100 of John Peel's record collection now online

As we reported last week, the late and much-loved John Peel's record collection is being digitised, with the first 100 from each letter of the alphabet being released each week. Last week was the turn of 'A', featuring such luminaries as AB Draconis, AC Temple, AE Bizottsag, A; GRUMH and Accidental Suicide. Nope, us neither. Still, we sent the ever-intrepid David Stubbs down the wormhole to listen to all 100 over the course of a day and write us a full rundown of the results - you can read the account of his slow descent into madness and half-baked punk rock hell here.

Among the surprises of last week's coverage were Accrington Stanley, about whom Stubbs could find nothing but the merest flicker of suggestion on the internet. Following the publication of his piece, the band themselves appeared out of the woodwork to comment in the box beneath, and remind the world that, yes, they still exist.

This week, 'B' has been made public. Sift through for more Bach, Babes In Toyland, Babe Ruth, B-52s, Baby Harp Seal and Badger than you can shake a stick at. Click here to take a look-see.