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SALT Fanzine, Now On Sale
The Quietus , April 19th, 2012 08:54

New issue of SALT, a zine run by Quietus scribe Kevin McCaighy, now on sale. Buy your mum a copy.

When Quietus writer Kevin McCaighy first sent us a copy of his extreme/esoteric/Japanese music, outsider art and literature zine, SALT, we knew we had to take him on as a writer.

Well, now there's a new issue of SALT on sale, and you can pick up a copy for yourself.

Kevin tells us: "After writing for several fanzines in the late 90s, I published the first issue of my own magazine, entitled SALT, in 2000. Having tired of the iniquities of locally-oriented zines, I wanted to only concentrate on the art, music, literature and other obscure ephemera that fascinated me, wherever it took place around the world.

"Initially that included the psych pop movement Elephant 6 and its attendant groups and labels, but soon the zine veered off into coverage of the Japanese psychedelic underground, the US Black Metal scene, contemporary experimental and extreme groups from both America and Europe, and any group that I considered compelling enough to write about, from Erase Errata and Gravy Train!!!! to Bloodhag and The Clientele. I've also devoted space to independent comic creators such as Carla Speed McNeil, Renee French and Chris Yambar."

In the past he has interviewed Keiji Haino, Makoto Kawabata from AMT, animator Jhonen Vasquez, Alicia Morgan of 13 and Jussi Lehtisalo of Circle/Pharaoh Overlord.

If you want to buy issue ten you can get it directly from Kevin, via his contact email: It costs £2.50 plus £1 postage for the UK, £2 for overseas postage. You can also buy it from record shops in Leeds (Jumbo) and York (Attic Records and The Inkwell).

If you like issue ten, pictured above, there are a few copies of issue nine left, and Aquarius Records in San Francisco may have a few different back issues as well.

Here's a quick run down of previous issues:

Issue One: Dallas Boner, Comics Library International, Elephant 6 discography
Issue Two: Acid Mothers Temple, The Clientele, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Chris Yambar
Issue Three: East River Pipe, Keiji Haino, Marianne Nowottny, tUMULt, Jhonen Vasquez
Issue Four: Acid Mothers Temple, Aufgehoben No Process, Boris, Burmese, Gary Smith, Chris Yambar
Issue Five: Bloodhag, Croatan, ECW, Renee French, 7000 Dying Rats, Syogonari
Issue Six: Antiseen, Boris, Erase Errata, Floating Flower, Gravy Train!!!!, IWA Mid-South, Leviathan, Shark Boy, Southern Gun Culture
Issue Seven: Boris, Brody’s Militia, Burst, Circle, “Descent”, Draugar, Riot Season, SUNNO))), Xasthur
Issue Eight: Circle, The Clientele, Hwyl Nofio, 7000 Dying Rats, Suishou No Fune, tUMULt, Xasthur
Issue Nine: 13, Korperschwache, Jason Lytle, Carla Speed McNeil, Pyha, Some Bizzare, The Great Pop Supplement