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Nothing But Heart: Alan Sparhawk of Low's Favourite Albums
Dale Berning Sawa , March 29th, 2012 07:13

Low and Retribution Gospel Choir play in the UK next week. In advance of a full interview on the Quietus next week, frontman Alan Sparhawk spoke to Dale Berning about his thirteen favourite albums


The Cure - Faith
A friend of mine recorded Faith on cassette for me. It’s one of the greatest minimalist rock records ever. There’s so little going on, yet it’s so dark and heavy and as bleak as anything. It was definitely an early subconscious template for whatever Low was when we started. I liked a lot of those early records. I remember going to get specifically the UK version of Three Imaginary Boys, because it had 'World War' on it, which wasn’t included on the US version. Seventeen Seconds is good too. But Faith for some reason is, like, the One.