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Baker's Dozen

Nothing But Heart: Alan Sparhawk of Low's Favourite Albums
Dale Berning Sawa , March 29th, 2012 07:13

Low and Retribution Gospel Choir play in the UK next week. In advance of a full interview on the Quietus next week, frontman Alan Sparhawk spoke to Dale Berning about his thirteen favourite albums


The Clash - Combat Rock
That was in seventh, eighth grade, I was 12-13. 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?' was on the radio and I remember hearing that and saying “Wow, what is this?” and someone saying, “Oh, this is punk rock”. The record was really eclectic, funky – I noticed, going back to it years later, that there’s a lot of reggae influences. It’s a great record. It’s another record where I could probably sing all the tunes. I remember learning the chords to that song on the guitar, and that was the big lightning bolt going on. It was like "Wow, really, you can do this? I can do this? This is amazing. I wanna hear more of this punk rock.” Then I got Never Mind the Bollocks and other things. I didn’t get into Black Flag or stuff like that – we were too rural. If we’d lived in a bigger city, we might have. We were aware of Hüsker Dü and bands like that because they were from Minnesota.