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Nothing But Heart: Alan Sparhawk of Low's Favourite Albums
Dale Berning Sawa , March 29th, 2012 07:13

Low and Retribution Gospel Choir play in the UK next week. In advance of a full interview on the Quietus next week, frontman Alan Sparhawk spoke to Dale Berning about his thirteen favourite albums


Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)
I guess we had a couple of her records before this one came out. But when it did we listened to it, it sat for a while and grew on us. Mimi and I are equal on this one – it’s been played in the kitchen so many times. She’s doing something with songwriting that’s really adventurous, original, satisfying on a full record level. She’s breaking out of certain songwriting traditions. There’s something we hear in what they do that we somehow recognise and resonate with. We’re not doing the same thing but just the whole idea of two voices getting away with very little instrumentation – they pull it off in some admirable ways