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O Genesis Record Store Day Details!
The Quietus , April 1st, 2012 06:48

R Stevie Moore & The Vaccines team up

As you'll know, O Genesis is one of our favourite new little labels of the moment, releasing all sorts of excellent music from Nik Colk Void to Joseph Coward. Now, O Genesis will celebrate Record Store Day on April 21st with a very special set of releases. There's be three seven inches, starting with the Blood Music AA side we wrote about here.

Then O Genesis founder Tim Burgess will be releasing the first track from his forthcoming solo album. Aptly enough, it's called 'A Case For Vinyl' and is a celebration of the format on which we spend so much of our hard-earned. "I recorded 'A Case For Vinyl' last year in Nashville - Chris Scruggs on stand up bass, he's the grandson of the legendary Earl Scruggs. Tony Crow from Lambchop is on piano," Burgess says. The 7" will be backed by a remix from Sam Willis of Quietus favourites Walls.

The third release will be a 7" split between R Stevie Moore and The Vaccines, who are covering each other's songs - the latter doing 'Why Should I Love You' and Moore 'Post Break Up Sex'.

Freddie from The Vaccines says "We heard about R Stevie after recording with Albert Hammond Jr in upstate New York. We asked him (and a few other friends) what their favorite 'on the road' songs were for a fanzine we were putting together and he suggested two Stevie songs. Naturally having not heard him I started looking through his back catalogue and instantly loved what I heard. When I listen to Stevie I hear someone with a real freedom to commit exactly the way he feels to tape which because of his recording methods is as direct an artist/listener connection as I've heard. His music is not censored or diluted, with him you get the entire picture. We chose 'Why Should I Love You' because to us it is an undiscovered pop gem, as good as any classic pop tune and screaming to be heard.

Tim Burgess added "R Stevie speaks several fonts fluently so I loved our correspondence talking about Record Store Day adventures. As well ranging in style from accidenz grotesque to good old helvetica, they also arrived in R Stevie's own unique hip speak - somewhere between Kerouac and Dr. Seuss. He'd call me 'Brotherman' and sign off with 'blah blah fucking blah'. I knew we had to work together, or as RSM would have it, 2geth. Get Moore, go Moore, love Moore - One of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of working with... At O Genesis we were looking to do something really special for Record Store Day so it was a case of joining the lo fi dots."