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King Midas' Hitomi Revoices Zomby
The Quietus , March 26th, 2012 11:46

Download the first in a series of 'revoices' by King Midas Sound's Kiki Hitomi

King Midas Sound vocalist Kiki Hitomi has recorded a mixtape of revoiced tracks and cover versions, entitled @ Represent Internet World, which she is giving away for free via the band's website. In keeping with the band's dub roots, the revoice approach finds her contributing new vocals to an existing track, in much the same way as her work with The Bug and King Midas Sound has found her re-voicing riddims that were previously instrumentals or backing tracks for other vocalists.

The first has been made available as of today, and finds her singing the lyrics to Neil Young's 'Old Man' above the chilly eski clicks and gunshots of Zomby's 'Witch Hunt'. Her multi-tracked, pitch-shifted voice works well as a counterbalance to the sparse and sketch-like feel of Zomby's original. You can listen and download it here.

Never one for missing a trick where his own music's concerned, Zomby has already posted a series of responses to the track on Twitter. As was probably to be expected, he seems unimpressed with the results: "Have to understand some work made by artists isnt to be altered its made personally for them for that moment and holds life ... If you fuck with that work you show you dont understand what the intent was initially anyway. Dedication isnt to be remixed etc".