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Space Dimension Controller Talks Debut Album
The Quietus , March 26th, 2012 08:41

Jack Hamill reveals that his debut full-length is due for release at some point late this year

In a rare face-to-face interview with the Quietus which you can now read in full here, Space Dimension Controller has revealed some of his plans for his debut full-length, set for release later this year through R&S. The Belfast-based producer, whose real name is Jack Hamill, has been steadily carving out his own distinct sound since 2009, with his pair of extended EPs through the label - 2010's Temporary Thrillz and last year's starker, more brittle Pathway To Tiraquon 6 - mapping a path through spaced-out cosmic funk and zero-gravity, Detroit-influenced house. All tied together by a concept featuring Hamill as sleazy cosmonaut Mr. 8040, they've established him as a very distinctive voice in current electronic music.

The album was originally announced during a minute-long trailer at the end of Pathway, where Hamill suggested it would be called Welcome To Mikrosector-50, and promised that 2012 would bring "a new experience in galactic funk". Meeting up with the Quietus a few weeks ago, he revealed that it's likely that the album will see release somewhere around October this year.

"[It's] going to be proper funk stuff, more song-y than anything I've ever done before," said Hamill of the album, in contrast to the rhythmically tricky, less melodic feel of much of Pathway. But that record's more ambient, soundtrack-ish aspects will still be a prominent feature of the album, which is going to be more concept driven than anything he's done to date. "I want to hit back on the John Carpenter shit that I did on the last one, just for the more storytelling tunes, the more atmospheric ones. There'll be a lot of vocals on it as well, with me doing the voice I usually do, the Mr. 8040 voice."

The story that ran through his earlier releases will, Hamill revealed, be "really blatant" on the album.

"I'd love to have that as part of the live show as well," he continued. "I'd love to do a live, almost space opera thing, so between the tracks have people come out and act out the bits between the tunes that are on the album."

EDIT: You can now read the interview in full here.

In the meantime, listen to one of Pathway's highlights, 'Flight Of The Escape Vessels', below.