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Peter Hook Nearly Joined Killing Joke!
The Quietus , March 22nd, 2012 06:12

Recorded tracks "sounded like a real hybrid of Killing Joke and Joy Division"

In a revealing interview with the Quietus Jaz Coleman reveals that Peter Hook of New Order nearly joined Killing Joke in the 1990s.

Speaking to us for a Baker's Dozen feature that will run next week he told Dayal Patterson that a bond had grown between Joy Division and his band when they toured together in 1980.

He also, tantalizingly, revealed that tapes were in existence of Hook and the Joke playing together – or the Killing Division tapes as he jokingly referred to them as.

Coleman, while speaking about his love for Joy Division's Closer album, told us: "I haven't seen Peter Hook since the 90s but we send messages to each other via people. Peter wanted to be in Killing Joke and we ended up recording some songs at [his studio] and it sounded like a real hybrid of Killing Joke and Joy Division. Killing Division [laughs] we did all these recordings and there was some beautiful music.

"I think he's frightened of us 'cos he quit drinking. So have I, but I don't think he knows that! [Laughs] We did everything to excess and I haven't see him since those days when we were all participating, as it were..."