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Baker's Dozen

Some Major Rock & Roll Problems: Craig Finn's Favourite Albums
Will Parkhouse , February 13th, 2012 04:45

Will Parkhouse speaks to the Hold Steady frontman about his thirteen most played LPs


The Beatles - Let It Be

Another Let It Be. I think this is my favourite Beatles record. I feel like the guitars hit the hardest on the tape – it sounds like a band actually playing together. So much music doesn't ever sound like a band playing together. When you see that Let It Be movie, you see The Beatles practising together and it's like: "The Beatles rehearsed?! I forgot about that." The song 'Let It Be', you've known it all your life, but it's beautiful, amazing. 'I Got A Feeling' is probably my favourite Beatles song. It gets loud too – there's some screaming on that record. It's like The Replacements' Let It Be – it shows all these different sides: there's beauty and then loud, hard rock.