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Baker's Dozen

Some Major Rock & Roll Problems: Craig Finn's Favourite Albums
Will Parkhouse , February 13th, 2012 04:45

Will Parkhouse speaks to the Hold Steady frontman about his thirteen most played LPs


Television - Marquee Moon

It's just the best guitar record. The way the guitars weave together… I got it when I was a teenager and took to it right away. The first time I heard their music was seeing REM with Bob Mould on guitar covering 'See No Evil'; it was punk, but not simple. It might be a record that's hard to talk about. Lyrically, it doesn't really grab me, and it's weird, as a lyricist, to love a record like I love this one without really having much of a handle on it. There isn't a lot you can even make out, he's not much of an enunciator. The guitars are so good, it pulls the rest of it along. When I was married, my wife came home one day and she was like: "I met this guy, this older guy, he was in a band called Television – you ever hear of them?" "Yeah, I know them. They're pretty big." It was the drummer. I forget his name.