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Baker's Dozen

Some Major Rock & Roll Problems: Craig Finn's Favourite Albums
Will Parkhouse , February 13th, 2012 04:45

Will Parkhouse speaks to the Hold Steady frontman about his thirteen most played LPs


Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

Another Minnesota band. Again, very angry, but then very melodic. The opening of New Day Rising is just a classic. I got to participate in a tribute to Bob Mould in Los Angeles recently, and he and Dave Grohl played together. Dave played guitar, except on 'New Day Rising', the title track of that album, when he switched to drums. I'm not usually a drums guy, I can't communicate with the drums much, but watching Dave Grohl play drums was amazing. You really hear the drums stand up and pay attention. The song 'Celebrated Summer' always makes me laugh, because that's what they were playing the first time I ever did a stage dive. I was kind of scared, but my friends were doing it, then they went into that song and it gave me the courage to get up there. I was a small person at that point, so it was pretty easy for the crowd to catch me. Subsequent efforts have not been as successful, but that one was pretty good.