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LISTEN: Carlos Giffoni Feat. Laurel Halo
Rory Gibb , February 10th, 2012 08:16

No Fun boss turns in a killer addition to his No Fun Acid project with 'Evidence', featuring Laurel Halo

Ford & Lopatin's label Software has just released a great new 12" from No Fun label boss Carlos Giffoni, Evidence. A further exploration of his No Fun Acid guise, it finds him collaborating with Laurel Halo on a devastatingly punchy blur of 303 squiggles and spiraling synth figures, which ends up being rather relaxing despite its corrosive textures. Alongside Halo herself (and a whole host of others), Giffoni's one of a growing number of musicians mining a fertile zone where noise music approaches meet the dancefloor. To our ears, it's also a little like how you might imagine Liars making nasty acid house to sound. You can listen to 'Evidence' here:

The Evidence 12" is out now, backed with the similarly great - if slightly less bruising - 'Desire In The Summer'. It's part of a run of new releases from the label, based out of the Mexican Summer HQ in New York, which also includes Slava's woozy, footwork-inspired Soft Control and instrumental electro-pop and hip-hop from Napolian.