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WATCH: Dead Sound & Videohead
The Quietus , February 8th, 2012 07:13

Exclusive - watch video for opening track from Dead Sound & Videohead's ace new EP on Perc Trax

Dead Sound & Videohead are due to release their ace Murder EP, the follow up to last year's excellent The Chosen, through Perc Trax this month.

In keeping with much of the label's output (including Perc's own music, as well as great recent material from the likes of Ekoplekz and Mick Finesse), it finds itself exploring the rich seams between where dancefloor techno reaches the exploratory tendencies of early industrial.

But even more so than most of their labelmates, Stoke-On-Trent duo Dead Sound & Videohead take a shockingly abrasive tack - the creaks, clanks and whines of heavy machines getting naughty with one another. On the Murder EP percussive hits are razor sharp, sounding like everything from the crash of hammer on steel to the hollow rattle of rain on a tin roof. The melodic elements on EP track 'Hear And Now' are more chainsaw whine than software synth. And everything is bound by the steady grind of sub-bass.

Watch the video for 'Murder Top' below, and stay tuned for Dead Sound & Videohead's Quietus mix, coming next week.

See the Murder EP's artwork below (it follows neatly on, thematically, from the similarly gear-grinding, steely art of its predecessor The Chosen).