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Dylan Carlson To Do LP Of British Songs
The Quietus , February 2nd, 2012 09:46

Earth man seeks funding via Kickstarter

Dylan Carlson of doom drone group Earth is heading to the UK to launch a new project – interpretations of Scotch-English ballads about human-fairy encounters from 15th-18th-century folkloric history.

Dylan's first major solo project outside of Earth, the recording will combine field recordings from various megalithic and other sites of human-fairy encounters across the UK, while using 'ritual' and 'magical' practices.

The album is a labour of love of Dylan's and as such will not be released through a label. Being primarily of Scotch-English descent, this is also an historical journey to his personal and cultural past, embracing the musical and occult dimension of history. It is also the result of a personal experience of 'the other side'.

The field recordings will be accomplished in April-May of 2012 with a planned release date of May 2013. There will be a limited edition lp/dvd/book and cd/dvd/book and a special pressing of 150 copies(lp only) with personalised ex libris by Simon Fowler The illustrations will be by Kiyo Lappalainen. The limited edition books will be pop-up style and there will also be an open edition with regular flat printing in a cd booklet and flat LP printing. Carlson is raising the money to do the project via Kickstarter, you can make a pledge and find out more here.