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New Bill Drummond Book 100
John Doran , January 31st, 2012 04:30

One of the Quietus' favourite authors/artists/provocative bastards, Bill Drummond has just announced he is publishing a new book this year.

The author of such works as 45, 17 and 33 has written a book called 100 which will come out on Penkiln Burn Books on April 16.

Former KLF member Drummond accepted the first 25 interview requests presented to him in 2010 with the condition that there only be four questions and each one be something he'd never been asked before.

The questions came from artists, authors, students and journalists and the answers were posted online. The results have now been collected for his new book which covers the following topics: How to Make Money, Death, The Sea, Pop music, Liverpool, Art, Belfast, The Brit Awards, Social inclusion, Abba, Haiti, The KLF, Independence, Graffiti, Zoo Records and Sampling.

Speaking about the book Drummond said: "Doing art should not be a full time job for the validated few. Doing art should be something we all do as part of everyday life… None of us should be getting our highs and lows vicariously through what other people do, we should all do the fighting, kicking, loving, fucking, painting, throwing, jumping, killing, singing, shouting ourselves, and not have actors, sportsmen, musician or artists doing it for us."

More news on 100 to follow.