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Thrill Jockey Twentieth Birthday Bonanza News
John Doran , January 11th, 2012 08:00

Esteemed American independent label celebrates twenty years of bringing cool left field music to the world in 2012.

To celebrate this milestone they're reissuing a bunch of classic albums and have announced a whole raft of new signings.

One of our albums of the year in 2011 was Atma by YOB. Well frontman Mike Scheidt is currently preparing his debut solo album and we are assured that it will be very different to what we might expect.

Likewise one of our live sets of the year was by Oneida. Their powerhouse drummer Kid Millions has just signed his Man Forever side project to TJ. MAN FOREVER. Under the nom-de-drum John Colpitts plans on spending 2012 touring extensively and continuing his ensemble explorations of percussion.

To give you some idea of what he might have in mind, past performances have included Brian Chase (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), James McNew (Yo La Tengo), Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend), Richard Hoffman (Sightings), Shahin Motia (Oneida, Ex Models), Sarah Richardson (Creeping Nobodies), Ryan Sawyer (Stars Like Fleas) and Greg Fox (Liturgy, Guardian Alien).

There will also be releases from Golden Void (Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless), Golden Retriever, Plankton Wat (Eternal Tapestry) and kandodo (Simon Price of The Heads).

Jon Porras of current Thrill Jockey drone stars Barn Owl will be releasing a solo album as well.

And last but not least, here is a comprehensive list of all the albums getting reissued over the course of this year:

Tortoise Tortoise
Tortoise Standards
Tortoise It's All Around You
Tortoise Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Tortoise TNT
Tortoise Beacons of Ancestorship
Trans Am Trans Am
Trans Am Surrender to the Night
Trans Am The Survellience
Trans Am Red Line

The Sea and Cake The Sea and Cake
The Sea and Cake Nassau
The Sea and Cake The Biz
The Sea and Cake The Fawn
The Sea and Cake Oui
The Sea and Cake One Bedroom
Sam Prekop Sam Prekop
Sam Prekop Who's Your New Professor
White Hills Heads on Fire
White Hills White Hills
Freakwater Feels Like the Third Time
V3 Evil Love Deeper
Directions In Music Directions In Music
Fennesz/Daniell/Buck Knoxville
Daniel Higgs Say God
The Fiery Furnaces I'm Going Away