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Baker's Dozen

Oneohtrix Point Never Talks His 13 Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , November 18th, 2011 06:43

Following the release of his best full-length so far Replica, Daniel Lopatin, the mind behind Oneohtrix Point Never and one half of Ford & Lopatin, takes us through his 13 favourite albums. Click the image at the bottom to begin.


Legowelt - Klaus Kinski EP
I downloaded this off of my friend Pepe's iTunes on the shared network at Hampshire College in 2002. I owe a lot to Pepe, whose computer was my techno education. I couldn't believe Legowelt, I was like "Wow, sequencers...", which got me thinking about my Juno-60 getting sync for the first time. I ended up getting an MSQ 60 and then an MSQ 700 off of Ebay (another practice which at the time must have seemed pretty severe, the mysterious gear splurge). 'Behind The Forest' was my jam, and was a direct influence on 'Behind The Bank' [Betrayed in the Octagon, 2007]. Perverted action/adventure throwback drool that inspired me a lot.